I am a product designer at the College Board in New York City, currently working on products to improve access to and affordability of higher education for students across the country through free, open, accessible online tools. In the past, I have worked with cross-functional teams to design software products and features for early stage startups.
Drawing on a scientific understanding of human behavior from formal training and fieldwork in social science (linguistics, psychology, anthropology) as well as in design, I have worked with local and international clients to improve the usability, transparency, and effectiveness of their products and services. I have helped my clients grow and build better relationships with their users. 
Some user demographics I have designed for include e-commerce customers, hospital outpatients, doctors, school and medical administrators, e-learners, job seekers, parents, retail customers, attorneys, non-profit donors, K-12 students and teachers, and urban riders of mass transit.
I have experience in planning and executing UX and design projects, conducting user research, synthesizing insights and analysis into measurable product and business objectives, communicating with stakeholders, helping teams explore and visualize divergent possible design directions, building branded design vocabularies, and leading and facilitating a user-centered end-to-end process.
I have designed for native mobile apps and web apps, browser extensions, IoT devices, corporate websites, digital marketing materials, and prototypes for product communication and user testing.
Get in touch to request a quote for your project, to view case studies, or to set up a time to chat. I'd love to hear from you.